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I have many years of live television experience working across Reality TV and light entertainment genres in all of the UK's major TV Broadcasters, BBC, ITV, SKY News, SKY Atlantic and some European and US channels. My main role as a Telly psychologist is to make specialized commentary on breaking news stories, enriching these with the latest cutting edge psychological research. I have appeared on many of the UK's biggest TV shows in recent past bringing applied psychology into the analysis of celebrity culture and their relationships, and in an explanation of mental health issues in celebrity culture and in the daily lives of politicians. Recently I was a major contributor in the Royal Documentary " Prince Harry: Four Royal Weddings" which was broadcast just before the Royal Wedding in May 2018.I and my TV colleague Darren Stanton are regularly asked to provide informed commentary on Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex,, besides the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge William and Kate Middleton. I can provide informed commentary for TV production companies on the personalities of not only the UK's Royals and their group dynamics, but also for other Royal families. I featured recently in an article in The Billionaires magazine in a story of Prince Albert of Monaco and his similarities and contrasts to Prince Harry and the profound impact of loss and bereavement of losing ones parent.


In addition to the above, main broadcasters such as BBC ITV and SKY or Channel4 and journalists from both tabloids red tops and broadsheets approach me for psychological commentary on our politicians and on the Prime Minister Theresa May, Arlene Foster Leader of the DUP, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin and on celebrity artists who feature in breaking news stories, often in regard to suicide or lifestyle and relationship issues and inability to cope with social media. Their personality and motives besides their personality traits are always on display as are the stress reactions. I am available to TV indies for documentaries and light entertainment shows and can produce one sheets and treatments


As The Celebrity Doctor and TV presenter, I'm available to TV development producers executives and Indies for chat shows, exploring the mindset of top celebrities.I and my TV colleague The Human Lie Detector Darren Stanton, are available for light entertainment shows,documentaries across various genres including reality television.

Dr Arthur Cassidy, Mr Darren Stanton ad Ron Chevalier are co partners in Royal Platinum Productions LLC based in Beverly Hills Hollywood LA.

For all Press, TV appearances, Radio or public speaking please contact my PR agent:

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  • "Dr. Cassidy is a confident and obviously knowledgeable media performer. I was instantly struck by his warmth and ability to communicate in ways that the audience will understand. He is always extremely well prepared, polite and professional. I would highly recommend him as an expert contributor to any broadcaster."
    Pete Walter
    Deal with the Media” (2014)
  • "Dr Cassidy has an impressive level of knowledge in his field. He really is goldust when it comes finding a commentator on matters like social media, addictions and the psychology of celebrities, because some might assume he couldn't possibly be interested in such matters, yet the incredible insight he delivers is always very powerful."
    Marverine Cole
    Ready for TV “( 2014)