About Arthur

Dr.Arthur Cassidy is a well established Social Media and Personality Psychologist who has made a dynamic and energetic impact to contemporary television programmes by bringing a fresh insight into evidence based psychological aspects of a wide range of topics on human personality behaviour as seen in breaking news stories including celebrity culture and relationships. His psychological expertise and warm personality is constantly sought after by television executives, researchers and producers for high profile reality shows and serious documentaries. He works with his TV duo partner Darren Stanton known to the media as” The Human LieDetector. Both Telly Psychologists have appeared on many of the nation’s best loved shows such as ITV's Celebrity Big Brother, I’m A Celebrity , This Morning, Good Morning Britain and regularly seen on SKY News, BBC's The One Show. Arthur has regularly contributed articles on teenage and young adults personalities in love sex and dating behaviours, in Glossy magazines such as Closer, Cosmo Girl. Cosmopolitan, and manay more. Arthur has featured in more recent articles in The Times, The Telegraph , The Daily Mail The Daily Mirror, The Sun as an informed specalist in personality of reality tv contestants in the nations best loved shows, and has written blogs regulary on the nations leading Politicians such as Theresa May, Boris Johnston, Arlene Foster and many others.He writes weekly blogs on topics that matter in social media and its impact on the individuals personality and mental health.

Arthur is a highly qualified British psychologist with degrees in Social and Political Science, Personality and Relationship Psychology, together with specialist research interests in the scientific study of personality and Identities online and offline. He holds honours degrees from the University of Ulster, and his Post Graduate research Doctorate in Personality and Social Relationships from the Queens University of Belfast. Dr.Arthur Cassidy is a Chartered Psychologist and an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society. Arthur has taught lectured and examined in various specialities within psychology in Universities and was a visiting Lecturer to the Hong Kong Polytechnic. He has advised on major reality tv shows on intergroup behaviour, love and relationship psychology and its impact on personality of young people. Dr Arthur Cassidy is one of the very few British trained TV presenters as a professional psychologist( see testimonials on the front page) and is seen providing informed commentary on major breaking news stories of the young Royals, Political leaders personalities, such as Donald Trump, Theresa May, and as a regular contributor to BBC Radio stations in the South and north East besides BBC Radio Ulster.He often discusses highly controversial topics on BBC World service, BBC London, and occasionally on Radio 4. in the context of Social media and addictions.

Television indie Creative and Development producers often approach Arthur who has the psychological skills of developing rich innovative formats, one sheets and treatments which meet the demands of today’s highly competitive market in the Tv industry. Dr Cassidy can work with your creative or development producers to enrich planned formats across genres bringing recent research updates to make your show relevant and potentially increase viewer ratings. Authenticity is the key to outstanding success for national and regional tv according to last week’s edition of Broadcast Arthur can also help major Broadcasters such as Channel 4 and out of London indies explore new formats that will appeal to the twenty something age groups, also new innovative shows for Saturday and Sunday evening slots.

Arthur and his TV Business partners Ron Chevalier and Darren Stanton are co partners in our recently filed and registered Hollywood TV Production company, Royal Platinum Productions LLC.based in beverly Hills.

• As the expert in their area TV psychologists are in a position to offer the very latest insights and ideas. If they are approached early in the process (rather than when a programme has already been commissioned or is in production) they may be able to suggest different angles or inspiration.

• It is also important to involve psychologists at the beginning of the process so they can advise production companies whether or not the programme idea is supported by evidence. Psychologists use evidence to underpin everything they do, so problems occur if they are asked to be part of programme that is based on an assumption that the evidence does not support.

• Involving a psychologist early in the process also helps to flag up any potential problem areas, including ethical implications, before too much time is invested in a project.